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Who: Chester Barklight, Arche Klein, Philia Felice, Colette Brunel, Fon Master Ion, Arietta the Wild, Kyle Dunamis, Natalia Luzu Kimlasca-Lanvaldear, Raven Ecks, Estellise Sidos Heurassein, and I think that's everyone? Anyone else in the area is free to tag in. /fails forever.
Where: Chesedonia
When: After the mega-exciting adventures in Daath, several of our pubescent heroes find themselves in Chesedonia! Where the sands are hot, and the interactions are even hotter!
Warnings: I AM SO SORRY FOR BEING SO SLOW IN GETTING THIS UP. Anywhere, here's how this works; instead of everyone just tracking the post and make a new comment thread altogether, everyone posts their own "thread" and you guys can respond to each other. TIME AND PLACE DOES NOT MATTER. Time skips are allowed. Both third person and first person formats are allowed (though both follow the activity requirement merits). Threadjacking encouraged. We'll see how this goes, and later on I'll try to get one up for Sheridan and also... some island where Raven and Estelle can meet up with the CFY group. Any questions, concerns, comments, and cock-punches may be directed to me by posting on [livejournal.com profile] abyssianooc.
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Who: Philia Felice, Colette Brunel, Estellise Sidos Heurassein
Where: Daath Marketplace
When: Before everybody disperses from Daath.
Warnings: None.

街路樹残る雪たちに 光と風が降り注ぐ 胸を張ってもうつむいても 季節は足を止めないね )
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Who: Chester Barklight, Natalia L.K. Lanvaldear, Ion, Colette Brunel
Where: Daath, Oracle Knights' Headquarters
When: Shortly after Ion and Natalia are kidnapped.
Warnings: None. If you have any questions, feel free to poke the OoC comm. Since this is a fairly large scene, if three days go by and the entire "round" isn't finished, feel free to tag again; the people who get skipped can easily "back tag" by replying to a comment itself rather than the post to fill in the holes. And my apologies for being so late on this. And assume that Philia is elsewhere in Daath doing something else, since I don't think I'll be able to handle writing both in the same log.

maru de sora ga kanki ni yoishireteiru ka no you na... )
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Who: Colette Brunel, Anise Tatlin
Where: Daath
When: Pregame, before Anise and Ion sneak out with Jade
Warnings: IDK my bffs superklutz and moneygrubber?

This is where we are )
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Who: Philia Felice, Colette Brunel
Where: Grand Chokmah docks
When: I forget.
Warnings: Sorry for being late :(

my heart was almost broken )
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Who: Philia Felice, Colette Brunel
Where: Daath
When: After the party decides to head from Daath to Mushroom Road.
Warnings: None should pop up.

Itsudatte hontou wa zutto... )
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Who: Meredy, Zelos, Colette (and later Phillia)
Where: In Daath Cathedral
When: After the group gets back from the volcano and everyone gets a chance to cool off a bit
Warnings: Probably some innuendo about showers, even mentioning them makes that happen.

Showers are great! )
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Who: Philia Felice, Colette Brunel, Anise Tatlin, Meredy Gardios
Where: Daath Library
When: Sometime before the game starts. For the lulz.
Warnings: I might fail at playing a girl in this scenario...

I-N-G )
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Who: Philia Felice, Zelos Wilder, Meredy Gardios, Jay the Unseen, Legretta the Quick
Where: Daath's Library; will move to Mt. Zaleho.
When: Will find the date later.
Warnings: Jay wears make up.

Ima Demo Zutto... )


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