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Who: Meredy, Zelos, Colette (and later Phillia)
Where: In Daath Cathedral
When: After the group gets back from the volcano and everyone gets a chance to cool off a bit
Warnings: Probably some innuendo about showers, even mentioning them makes that happen.

Meredy had just finished up taking a cool shower to deal with the fact that the volcano had indeed been hot and sweaty. But still, the whole experience was very interesting. It was so nice to have gotten out of the Cathedral for even a short time. She was hoping that she'd be able to continue to help the group out, since they probably would need her healing skills with how reckless Zelos seemed to be.

She finished getting dressed and put her pendant back on. Then she quickly brushed through her hair. It wouldn't be dry for a time yet, but she went ahead and put it into her normal pigtails anyhow and went to see if she could find the others.

Even Quickie had partaken of the shower, the little creature followed her in and she had no choice but to let him get all clean too. The poor little thing still seemed a bit frazzled from what happened and his new ability, but it appeared he was also starting to get used to it.

That reminded her, she had wanted to look over the collar a bit more once she had gotten here, but she probably didn't have the time to do a full translation even if she could find the correct materials to aid her with it. That would take a good amount of searching through all the books, since she recalled having seen it among Balir and Shizel's books.

The other part she was able to recognize as being what allowed Quickie to breathe fire. Quite an interesting idea there really and she was surprised she had not thought of the idea sooner. Oh well, she could consider that more later. If she didn't get to go along with the others, she'd definitely have far too much time on her hands to do so anyhow. So instead she gathered up the still slightly damp Quickie and headed downstairs to the main part of the Cathedral to find the others.

Date: 2009-05-04 04:49 pm (UTC)
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Zelos audibly sighed from where he was sitting in the library. He ran a hand through his still damp hair and pulled it into a loose hair tie. While the shower was a welcome change, it didn’t help him as much as he had hoped. He still had a lingering headache and his knee, while not as sore as before, still throbbed uncomfortably.

He slowly flipped through a book he found while snooping around his fathers office. The office (which now belonged to him, he assumed) was left untouched during his time spent away from the Cathedral, it was left just as neat as he remember it. The book he was currently reading was found in his father’s private bookshelf. It was old and dusty; the title of the book was pretty hard to make out due to age. As he flipped through it though, he could pretty much guess what the title was supposed to be.

“The History of Auldrant.” How vague. No wonder it was massive.

Boring, too. He mentally slapped himself for not choosing a picture book or something, but if he learned anything from past experience, it was that the oldest looking book was probably going to be the most helpful! Or at least, the most intriguing to his companions. Though, after flipping mindlessly through the book for who knows how long, Zelos soon found himself slowly drifting into a welcomed slumber right on top of it.

The research part of this quest really wasn’t his forte. At least he tried, and that’s what counts!

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Colette stretched as she walked down the hall. She liked showers and baths, and took them every day--they just felt extra-rewarding when she'd actually done some form of work. And even though she was still a bit confused as to what was going on, she felt a lot better that she'd been able to do something at last, after all the sitting and waiting and fretting.

Zelos and Philia and Meredy would probably be in the library. She made her way there slowly, fluffing her hair--she wasn't sure it was completely dry yet--as she went.
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Colette had to cover the giggle with both hands--Zelos was sleeping over his book (and she thought people only did that in stories!), and now Meredy's adorable little Quickie had raced up to nest in his hair!

Trying not to make any noise--she didn't want to wake Zelos up until he was ready to get awakened--Colette smiled and waved at Meredy.

...it was really hard work not to burst out into giggles or at least a squeal, but she managed valiantly.

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Zelos groaned in slight irritation. Was he dreaming? Or was the sudden addition of extra weight on his head actually real? He poked one eye open, and was met square in the face with a cute little creature staring down at him….

…down at him.

Quickie was on his head.

On his hair.

Zelos lifted the arm he was resting on and gently picked the little creature up by the scruff of its neck, and placed it on the table in front of him. Yawning, he rose from his slouched position and turned his head to see a giggling Colette and smiling Meredy.

“Hello ladies,” he said to them, smiling back groggily. He slowly made his way to the other side of the table and pulled two chairs out, “Care to join me?”

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Zelos flicked his hair back dramatically as he took his seat across from the girls. Upon hearing Meredy’s request, he flipped through a few more pages before turning it in her direction. He pushed the heavy encyclopedia forward with a slight nod and a grin.

He then re-took his position, resting his head over his crossed arms. “I found this ancient, dusty, cob webby book in the bookshelf in my office,” he replied lazily as he twirled a piece of his hair between his fingers, “I figured I’d try and make some use of my free time, help out y’know?”

He laughed into his sleeve. Falling asleep wasn’t helpful to anyone else but himself.

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Colette leaned in slightly, curious. The book wasn't one she recognized, but then she didn't spend as much time in the library as some people from the Order did.

"That's such a nice thing to do, Zelos," she said, smiling. "So... is there anything good in it?"

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Zelos opened his eyes just in time to see Meredy skip off and kept them open long enough to witness her come back with a bunch of books. The stack looked like it weighed more than she did! It impressed him, she was able to find that many books in such a short time and carry them back here.

He took the book Meredy offered to him. It wasn’t exactly thin, but it was a lot thinner than the book he had found. He chuckled as he flipped through it; she cared enough to find him a book, even though he probably wouldn’t even look through it fully. He flipped through it for a bit, before he once again grew bored. He was about to set it down when a page caught his attention.

Mushroom Road.

Why it caught his attention, he didn’t even know. For some reason though, he felt the need to read the page more thoroughly.

Miasma. Figures.

Strange monster sightings. Greaaaaat.

Not recommended for Tourists. Obviously.

“Hmmmmmmm.” Strange monster sightings. The most unusual of Gnome’s creatures. They had no leads so far, so suggestions wouldn’t hurt. Zelos pushed the book into the middle of the table. “What about this place?”

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Colette leaned in to examine the book. Miasma, strange monsters, not recommended... she still wasn't quite sure what it was Zelos and Philia were doing, but they had fought a strange monster before. This might have something to do with whatever they were trying to do.

"Mushroom Road... I guess it's worth a try, right? What do you think, Meredy?"


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