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Who: Philia Felice, Colette Brunel
Where: Daath
When: After the party decides to head from Daath to Mushroom Road.
Warnings: None should pop up.

Philia was quite pleased with the fact that they had deciphered the meaning of Efreet's riddle so quickly, as Mushroom Road seemed to be the only plausible place they would be able to find the next clue as to attaining the Dark Aurora for Zelos. Even that, they had a few new friends to share the journey with. Not that she minded being alone with Zelos, but she definitely felt more at ease now that there were others she could talk with. Though... the fact that he's so readily flirting with their other members gave her an excuse to ignore him except when business was involved.

She was a priestess, and she herself took on a personal vow of chastity and abstinence, both physically and emotionally. Allowing him to get this deep under her skin was inexcusable on her part. She was unsure as whether to warn Colette or not; she was certain that Meredy wouldn't allow herself to fall for the philanderer's charms considering she was currently involved with Asch the Bloody, but Colette seemed... well, it was best not to judge, but Philia wanted to look out for the younger girl's best interests.

Knocking on Colette's door, Philia took a deep breath.


Date: 2009-05-28 11:43 pm (UTC)
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Colette had been sitting at her table sorting a few last-minute additions to her bags (had she packed enough gels and life bottles? But she didn't want to leave the cookies behind, either) when she heard the knock. She stood up--perhaps overeagerly--and accidentally knocked her chair over instead of pushing it back. With a squeak of alarm, she righted the chair, then rushed over to the door to get it--

--and nearly fell on her face when she snagged her toe on a wrinkle in the rug. Colette flailed, caught herself against the wall, straightened her clothes (and did her best to smile), then opened the door.

"Oh--Philia! Nice to see you here. Can I do something for you?"


Date: 2009-06-02 09:38 pm (UTC)
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"I-I'm sorry." Colette blushed and made a face, and went back to the table, trying to surreptitiously straighten her skirts as she did. "I think I have everything we might need, though, unless you can think of anything else!"


Date: 2009-06-07 03:45 am (UTC)
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Colette looked at Philia blankly, tilting her head a little.

"Why not? I-is something wrong?" she asked, completely puzzled. Philia had a very strange look on her face--Colette wasn't sure what was going on. And why... was it a bad idea to be close with Zelos? (Friends with Zelos? Was that what Philia meant? But they were traveling together, and he seemed like a nice person...)

keywords so appropriate~

Date: 2009-06-08 02:23 pm (UTC)
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"I-indecent? My career? A-a mile?" Colette repeated, bewildered. She didn't understand at all--maybe she'd have to ask Meredy what Philia meant about this. Or why the other girl was acting so... strangely about it. All she could do right now was stare out of very round blue eyes and blush faintly from the force of Philia's insistence.
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Colette just stared after Philia as she left, utterly confused, for almost a minute. She was definitely going to have to ask Meredy what was wrong--and keep an eye on Zelos, although she didn't think he was really going to do anything to make her lose her position as a Fon Master Guardian.

[hee, you're welcome. Zelo~s, better straighten yourself out~, Philia's after you now! :D;]


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