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Who: Raven, Arche Klein Rhea Scarlet
Where: Theor Forest, on the edge of Mushroom Road.
When: Backdated toooo ... a little after the Raven/Estelle/ArcheRhea log. At night. Around a campfire.
Warnings: Arche does it better! Raven's gon' show he means srs bznus, yo.

It hadn't been long since Rhea had joined up with Raven and Estelle, but already she felt a little better, in part due to the infectious happy personality simply emanating from the other girl in the group.

Estelle was asleep right now, though. And despite her best efforts to get to sleep, Rhea found that she was having a difficult time with that. She rolled over onto her back, staring up at the night sky as she lay near the campfire, placing both hands on her stomach and ... staring.

I'm very sorry, Arche.

She thought, and closed her eyes.

I don't want to take over your body like this. I really don't. But ... you're such a good friend. I know you'd want to help me with anything. Just ... this one, final time, please. I need your help.

Rhea held a hand up and stared at it.

I'll .. do what I can to take care of your body while I'm borrowing it, though. You know I will do whatever I can to make certain of that.
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