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Who: Philia Felice, Zelos Wilder
Where: Aboard the boat to Rugnica Plains.
When: After they leave Daath, before they reach Mushroom Road.
Warnings: It's Zelos and Philia. Seriously.

t was quite the dilemma. After speaking with Miss Brunel about Sir Wilder and speaking with Sir Wilder once again, Philia had absolutely no idea what was going on through her mind. Was she really jealous? If that were the case... was she in love with Sir Wilder? That simply could not be! She had her position to think of, after all... and falling in love was not part of that equation, especially to such a womanizing philanderer such as him!

... still, there was something heroic about him that she wasn't quite certain, but... it was there. Plus, the more time they spent together, the more she began to understand him; whether or not that was a good thing was up for debate. However, it still stood that whatever it was she felt toward Sir Wilder, it was beginning to affect her judgment when it came to dealing with him.

That might affect her mission, accompanying him. Shaking her head, she wasn't sure what would happen if it came to that. Leaning against the rail and looking out into the ocean as the sea breeze caused her hair to waft with the wind, she sighed once more.
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