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Who: Philia Felice, Zelos Wilder
Where: Aboard the boat to Rugnica Plains.
When: After they leave Daath, before they reach Mushroom Road.
Warnings: It's Zelos and Philia. Seriously.

t was quite the dilemma. After speaking with Miss Brunel about Sir Wilder and speaking with Sir Wilder once again, Philia had absolutely no idea what was going on through her mind. Was she really jealous? If that were the case... was she in love with Sir Wilder? That simply could not be! She had her position to think of, after all... and falling in love was not part of that equation, especially to such a womanizing philanderer such as him!

... still, there was something heroic about him that she wasn't quite certain, but... it was there. Plus, the more time they spent together, the more she began to understand him; whether or not that was a good thing was up for debate. However, it still stood that whatever it was she felt toward Sir Wilder, it was beginning to affect her judgment when it came to dealing with him.

That might affect her mission, accompanying him. Shaking her head, she wasn't sure what would happen if it came to that. Leaning against the rail and looking out into the ocean as the sea breeze caused her hair to waft with the wind, she sighed once more.

Zelos is such a nice guy, ain't he?

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Zelos hummed quietly to himself as he walked along the boats smooth, moonlit flooring. He couldn’t sleep, the trip to the opposite continent being a slightly turbulent one this time around. He wasn’t afraid of going on measly little boat rides, but the feeling of further agitation on an already unstable surface always left him with a sense of unease. It kept him from his usual deep sleep and sitting awake in his empty room all night seemed pointless and boring, so he settled for a nice walk on deck. He figured that walking wouldn’t fix his unease, but it certainly did kill the boredom.

An icy breeze passed by him as he walked. It was always cold at night on the sea, so he packed his favorite baggy white jacket with him. He pulled it closer to his body as another breeze hit him, blowing his wild locks of red hair behind him as he continued his paced walking. Looking up from his adjusted jacket, he caught a glimpse of his green haired companion leaning against a close-by railing. Her hair was blowing lightly in the wind, and she was out in nothing but her normal white clothing. The pale moonlight reflecting off of the rippling water bathed her in an angelic glow. A conflicted looking angel, he concluded, as he quietly walked over to her.

He removed his jacket and gently placed it on her shoulders before leaning forward on the railing next to her with his arms crossed. He didn’t speak, not wanting to ruin the serenity of the situation like he usually did. He smiled warmly as he watched the rippling waves below. Sometimes situations just didn’t call for conversation, and when the situation arose even someone like himself could appreciate it. He decided to leave the conversation starter to the lady because even he could be chivalrous at times.

Date: 2009-07-07 12:24 am (UTC)
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Zelos shifted uncomfortably as he pondered possible answers to her question. Since that day, he found himself needing less sleep and as the hours went by he grew even more restless. He figured that it was just a small side effect, and at the time he figured it was only temporary. Why wouldn’t he think it temporary? He was sure that adjusting to a large energy boost would cause the need for less sleep. Now that the effect had lasted longer than he thought, he was beginning to question his opinion.

He shuddered at the idea of constant awareness. Pain and sadness, something he felt on a regular basis, could no longer be willed away through sleep. Nights would be lonely, the only one left awake, left with nothing but empty thoughts. Worst of all, he wouldn’t be able to dream.

Zelos covered for his small shudder by absently rubbing at his arms, as if to blame the chilled weather for his display of emotional weakness. He kept his eyes focused on the water, not wanting to worry Philia further. He was sure that his crystal blue eyes were clouded over with sadness and fear, the idea having greatly disturbed him.

“I’m fine,” he lied quietly, “I just heard you leave, thought you might want some company.” He knew that Philia was smart enough to see through his little white lies but he appreciated the fact that she still cared to ask. He smiled still, though it was no longer warm.

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Zelos sighed deeply, closing his eyes to hide them from her. They showed his true feelings? He couldn’t deny that. Eyes, after all, were windows into the soul. That was the main reason why he frequently avoided eye contact with people. They conveyed emotions, unfortunately displaying the ones he tried his best to hide.

He had a façade, an emotional barrier, for a reason. He could never properly display them, and he viewed himself as weak enough already. Emotional weakness was not something he was fit to deal with and wasn’t something he even wanted to deal with anyways. He also didn’t want pity or sympathy from anyone. He wanted to be viewed in a positive light, not a tortured soul.

He couldn’t understand why that was the only genuine smile Philia registered. At that time, he felt useful, like he was capable of doing something great or something helpful. At that time he truly felt like he had a purpose, like he should have been born. That feeling instilled actual happiness, and he guessed that she was able to see that fully. He opened his eyes and turned to face her as well, keeping on hand on the railing for support.

“All of my smiles are charming and genuine,” he replied defensively, a last and most likely vain attempt at keeping his façade believable. To him, his smiles were genuine enough; they made him feel better, at least for the moment. “Don’t make me start closing my eyes when I talk to you,” he added with a wink and attempted a (hopefully) believable charming smile, “You won’t like that. My eyes are just too beautiful.”
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Catching a glimpse of the passing star, Zelos tilted his head to look at the sky. Wishing on a star, it seemed pointless to him. Wishes never came true, and wishful thinking was something he couldn’t handle at the moment. In his eyes, all wishes ever did was build up a sense of euphoria and excitement, only to crush the dreams of the wisher. He closed his eyes and hung his head. Dreams and wishes were intertwined. A being who could no longer dream could no longer wish on anything.

He moved back over to the edge, placing his hands firmly on the cold railing. He stood rigid, staring at the nothingness in the distance. The stars would forever remain beautiful, but he would also be forever denied the right to use them in any wishful ritual. That rite no longer belonged to him.

“What did you wish for?” He asked. He was curious, if Philia wouldn’t tell him, he’d honor her choice. If she did tell him, he would try his best to fulfill whatever it was that she requested. His wishes were always ignored and cast aside, and he wouldn’t allow hers to.


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