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[[Who: ]] Anise, Ion and Jade
[[Where:]] Aboard the Ferry to Baticul
[[When:]] After Choral Castle, before return to Baticul
[[Warnings:]] Jade is warning enough? .___.

It was breezy outside. The sea breeze was quite comfortable the little guardian. She was standing there, enjoying the scene and the fact that they were finally heading to Baticul after all that insanity that had been happening, when Luke was captured in Choral Castle, the intermission with Van, and there was also the issues with Arietta and the other God Generals as well. It was almost exciting in a sense. There was probably even more things she couldn't count at the moment, but the girl kept her cool for the time being. AT least she got to see Luke's mansion. She bet it would be rich and dreamy as she imagined. After all, it seemed the young heir was pretty much single for now. Of course, there was the matter of Tear standing in her way, but that can be managed. She almost giggled again.

What a mischievous little girl. She walked about the deck easily as she soaked in the breeze and the sunlight that was coming from the sky. It was an absolute good day. The sky was absolutely blue and she loved it even more, just looking at it. Though at the same time, she was planning of ways to make more money and how she would be able to do it.
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