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Who: Luke fon Fabre, Van Grants, with some eavesdropping/voyeurism from Natalia.
Where: Baticul, the Kimlasca-Lanvaldear Castle on a balcony.
When: After the audience with the king, before Luke formally accepts the position of ambassador of peace.
Warnings: I'd say something about Master Badtouch, but I think those jokes are getting old. Also, this may get confusing since this combines the ferry scene and the dungeon scene (both game events) with the balcony scene (anime event). If any confusion is had and clarification needed, feel free to IM me, e-mail me, or post a message over at [livejournal.com profile] abyssianooc. If anything in here contradicts the upcoming event log, lemme know and we can edit/retcon it.

It was a bit much to take in all at once, and something Luke couldn't quite buy. He just got back from a harrowing trip all across Malkuth territory being chased down by God Generals, and he was getting comfortable with the idea of living the next three years continued to be locked up in the Fabre Manor. What was Uncle thinking?! Sure, the Closed Score was supposed to be important and all, but is that why they locked him up for so long after his kidnapping? He doubted that it would all make sense even if he never had amnesia.

Leaning forward on the balcony edge, he was never a this part of the castle before. Looking down on the capital called Baticul, he wondered if he really could be in charge of all of this one day soon, especially since on this recent journey he was unsure. There were those with far more life experience and talents he didn't have that he encountered just within the past two weeks, he couldn't believe that he was to become king of all of this and have to deal with Malkuth and Daath and all of that. It seriously went over his head to the point where he almost had a feeling of dread.

How did Natalia feel, when she felt these sorts of thoughts? Perhaps he'd make it a point to ask her sometime.
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