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Who: Philia Felice, Zelos Wilder, Meredy Gardios, Efreet (NPC)
Where: In Mt. Zaleho
When: After they enter Mt. Zaleho, Zelos and Philia get separated from the rest of the group and find themselves in Efreet's chambers.
Warnings: Green and red; these characters should not be together.

"Sir Wilder..." Philia looked around, and then stood up to dust herself off. The three, including Meredy, seemed to have fallen through a hole in the wall while fighting the dragon, though they still seemed to be safe. It would have been the end of them after all if she happened to land in lava; Philia was no Seventh Fonist, and wouldn't be able to heal anybody. Come to think of it, Meredy was a Seventh Fonist, wasn't she?. Well, this wasn't the time or place to ponder this. "Are you hurt, Sir Wilder?" She walked on over to him, concern plastered over her face in a sharp contrast to her rather aloof behavior toward him earlier in the library. She also looked at Meredy. "Are you all right as well, Miss Meredy?"

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Meredy stood up quickly, She didn't really feel any pain, though she may later have a bruise or two to show for this. Phillia's question was easily enough answered at least.

"No, Meredy is fine." She looked around to see who was with them and just saw Phillia and Zelos. The others were gone, and she didn't see Quickie either. That would be a problem if more monsters showed up, she'd have to rely on her fonic artes only then rather than having the little creature help her out.

"But what about Phillia and Zelos? Both are all right?" She looked concerned, definitely for her friend and the others with them, but also for Quickie.

Quickie's disappearance was quickly dealt with though, the creature came through the hole after its owner soon after she stood up. She bent over and picked the little creature up so it couldn't get separated from her again for the time being.

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Zelos was exhausted, being the strongest frontal fighter, he spent most of the time up close and personal with the dragon, hacking and slashing and being hacked and slashed at. The fall certainly didn’t help his physical state, either. He remained in the position he landed in for several seconds longer than the people who fell with him. Behind the headache and the ringing in his ears, he heard two people talking, Philia and Meredy. While he silently thanked Lorelei that they were safe, he also couldn’t help but wonder if Jay and Colette were fairing well against the fight they left behind.

Zelos stood up but dizziness soon overtook him, and he stumbled back down to the floor on his hands and knees. That was when he realized that something was wrong. His left leg was very sore and he found it difficult to straighten. When he landed, two things must’ve happened. He must’ve landed wrong on his knee, and he probably blacked out for several minutes because of it. That would explain the headache and dizziness, after all.

Not wanting to further worry the girls, he stood up (to the best of his ability) and turned around to face them. He limped forward to meet Philia half way. He put a hand to his head, and chuckled as he said, “Well, I’m glad the fall was kinder to you both.” He put a hand on her shoulder for support, and began to look around the room that caught their fall. It just looked like another part of that blasted volcano, except the strange altar at the back that glowed an intense red in colour. His gaze remained locked on the altar as he walked past the girls and closer to it. It mesmerized him, drew him in, he felt the overpowering need to touch it. He would have too, if his leg didn’t give way and he didn’t collapse right in front of it.

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Meredy looked concerned at seeing Zelos' condition, but at least she could do something about it. Like her mother, she could use the Seventh Fonon, and thought she wasn't nearly as skilled as her mother yet, she could easily enough deal with the minor injuries Zelos got.

To Phillia, she gave a very simple answer. "You bet!" Then she put Quickie down so her hands could be free to use the only healing arte she knew at this time.

Once she finished, she stepped back to examine him and see if it did the job.

And then she finally realized she was feeling something strange too, she noticed the altar and wanted to touch it and could tell that was what had gotten their redheaded companion to even stand despite his injuries. But why did it affect her? This wasn't her quest, she was just here to help them and also in a way to prove to herself and others that she was perfectly capable of taking care of herself.

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The pain vanished, but the pain wasn’t important right now. His eyes never left the altar, even after he collapsed. He crawled the remaining few steps to the altar and placed his hands on it, using it as a support to stand. Suddenly, the glow intensified, and he felt power, nothing like he had ever imagined, flow through his hands and into the rest of his body.

He withdrew a hand from the altar, and held it in front of his face. With wide eyes, he analyzed it, flexed it to see if it truly was still there. His breathing sped up. This power, he wanted more of it. He’d do anything for it. He let out a low, dark chuckle. Zelos was sure he looked crazy right now, but he didn’t care. He continued to laugh.

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((ooc: yeah, it probably would, so he'll be in this one with Meredy's tag))

Meredy hadn't even realized she stepped near the altar other than to examine their companion until Phillia grabbed her and told her to stop. But oddly, she didn't think it would hurt her. If anything, she was more concerned about Zelos, he definitely didn't look like his usual self, he looked crazy, obsessed with some power, and he probably would use it to hurt people the way he was acting, and the scary part was that it looked like he would enjoy it.

If that was what this was about, she didn't want any part of it. Power had it's benefits, but to protect people, not to hurt them.

Her thoughts were interrupted when the room became even more unbearably hot than it had been previously, if that was even possible considering where they were. There were Fifth fonons everywhere and they gathered to make a gigantic figure, a figure so large that it nearly filled the room.

The fonons were looking at Meredy and Zelos in particular and pretty much ignoring Phillia. Meredy definitely felt rather uncomfortable, it felt just somehow wrong to her. She knew she should respect this sentience, but that was all she really could do.

A booming voice filled the room. "You have done well, chosen ones, to survive the hottest flames on the face of Auldrant."

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Zelos backed up several paces away from the being on instinct. The heat it gave off was making the air even harder to breathe and even more unbearably hot. The overwhelming feeling of power he felt previously began to fade, as well as the crazed frame of mind that came with it. It was now replaced by nausea and coherent thought. The strain his body went through by taking in such power must have had certain consequences, and he was sure he was beginning to feel them.

He decided that keeping the conversation brief would be the best for himself and everyone else. That, and he didn’t really know what to say. At the moment, all his thoughts were jumbled and he was confused about the feeling he had just experienced. All he knew was the he wanted more and all he could do was deliver an astonished stare at the giant mass of fonons in front of him and hope that the look would do the talking for him.

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Of course Efreet knew why they were here, it wasn't often that people were led to this area, or even to the volcano. Humans just didn't do well in such hot temperatures, which made this a good test of their mettle. Those who survived this one tended to do fine in the rest

What was unexpected was finding two here who carried the ability, though many existed, it was far fewer who made their way to the trials and even fewer still who survived them all.

Though there was a problem with the next trial, Efreet knew that the location didn't have much longer to be around, Gnome had already sent his own warning that had gone unheeded. Of course, the humans couldn't be told directly about that, this group would just have to be sent elsewhere, since it wasn't as if Shadow wanted his chosen ones to die yet, just to be tested. They would have a hard enough time reaching his temple as it was.

"Yes, and there seem to be two chosen ones who have come. Realize, both of you, you are not the only ones who are chosen, each of us has our scions since there must be a balance. Shadows cannot exist without light cast upon dark places."

Of course, Shadow couldn't have two scions if Rem had only one, this could be a problem, but then Lorelei had two, thanks to the humans and their meddling around where they should not be. Humans always made things go differently.

"Since both of you have done what was asked, both can receive powers that will aid in the future. Go now to a place where the most unusual of Gnome's creatures gather."

Having said that, the fonons dissapated, but in their wake, left soem things. On Zelos' back could be seen wings of flame. On Quickie could be seen a new golden collar around his neck, the last of the fonons gathered around Phillia, unlocking some hidden skills within her a bit sooner than they usually would. Then all the fonons vanished completely, allowing no further questions to be asked. Of course part of the trials was to even figure out the locations from the clue, and this probably would be harder than usual since a new location was chosen.


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As if the whole thing wasn’t shocking before, the new addition to his anatomy was the cherry on the cake. The cake being the fact that he just found out he had to share his power, but at least Meredy didn’t get cool wings like he did! Zelos flapped his wings several times before reaching a hand back to pull one in front of him. He analyzed it thoroughly, running his fingers over it in a delicate manner.

They were a deep orange and red and seemed to be made of many individual pieces of solidified fonnons which were fragmented together, based between his shoulder blades. They weren’t small, but they certainly weren’t very big. They would hold his weight, no problem. They could probably hold additional weight as well, but not for very long periods of time.

Zelos released his wing, and allowed it to re-adjust behind him. He didn’t really know how to put his wings away, to make them disappear. He clearly couldn’t walk around any city or town with unnatural fonic appendages protruding from almost no where.

On a whim, he decided to just close his eyes and focus on them. When he opened them a few seconds later, the wings had vanished. He focused again and they re-appeared. He did that several times before keeping them hidden from sight. The small delay between pulling them out and putting them back wasn’t really an issue at the moment, but with time he hoped that training would shorten and ultimately eliminate it.

All exhaustion he felt prior to the wings faded, he still felt hot, sweaty and gross, but he was at least thankful for the added strength. Though, he still felt a little nauseous. It could’ve been for a number of reasons. The heat? The wings? The fact that he actually touched the altar? Maybe he wasn’t supposed to. He couldn’t dwell on it at the moment, he just wanted to leave.

Spinning on his heels, Zelos began to walk towards the girls, smiling like he was the happiest person alive. “Pretty nifty, huh?” he began before he even reached them, raising his voice so he could be heard. He sighed heavily, and placed one hand on each of his companion’s shoulders. “I don’t know about either of you, but I sure could go for a nice cold shower right about now.”

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Meredy couldn't help but stare in awe at the pretty wings Zelos had, that must be a rather interesting thing to have, though it would also be a bit weird at the same time. People just didn't fly, they weren't meant to, but if a spirit gave him the power, maybe he was meant to.

She bent down to pick up Quickie and to examine the new golden collar he had. It did have some odd writing on it, she could swear she had seen such writing before, but not in a long time. It definitely wasn't the fonic language, that was for sure, though she could also see something on it that looked more familiar. The collar also didn't appear like it would come off too easily, if at all.

Quickie squirmed a bit in her grasp, as if it wanted to be let down, then all of a sudden the little creature must have coughed or something and a small fire came out of its mouth. Meredy was so startled that she almost dropped the little creature. Quickie definitely had never done that before, and as far as she knew, he wasn't a fire breathing creature, he was very good at biting and clawing, but that had been the extent of his abilities.

At least the fire hadn't harmed anyone, and poor Quickie seemed just as surprised by it as she had been. She hugged the little creature to make him feel better since the poor thing seemed upset over it all, not that she could blame him. She still loved him no matter what sort of changes came to him.

But first, they did have to get out of here, and they had to find the others also. She rather liked the idea of a nice cold shower, this place was definitely quite warm and they probably all were sweaty and stinky by now. "Meredy think Zelos have good idea about shower. Meredy will help Phillia do research once others are found and all of us out of hot place."

And later she could also try and figure out what those weird words were.


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