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Who: Jade, Guy, Luke
Where: Boarding the ferry
When: on the way back to Baticul
Warnings: Guy gets seasick when hung over.

Luke: Hey, Guy, you don't look so good. Didn't you get enough sleep?
Guy: ...
Luke: ... do we need a Panacea Bottle?
Jade: I doubt that would do much good, they don't tend to cure headaches.
Guy: [would glare at Jade, but his head hurts too much]
Luke: Hmm, Guy didn't have a problem with headaches before.
Luke: Hey, Jade. What caused Guy's headache?
Jade: [smirking] Nothing in particular.
Guy: [groans]
Luke: Well, he'll get over it. Come on, let's board this thing already!
Guy: ...
Jade: He will get over it, these types of headaches usually go away within a day at the very most.
Luke: He can rest in the cabin anyhow.
Guy: Y-yeah... [is wincing from the sun, that cabin sounds really good about right now]
Jade: As long as a certain someone doesn't force him to play babysitter too much.
Luke: Yeah, that Anise is a total pain sometimes.
Jade: At least Guy isn't rich as far as I know.
Luke: I'm going on ahead! I wanna see what the cabin's like! [runs off]
Guy: [sways slightly in weakness at Luke's energy]
Jade: Perhaps you should follow, you might do well to keep away from Anise though.
Guy: This is all your fault...
Jade: I had nothing to do with it.
Guy: [tries to glare again, but only succeeds in getting sick to his stomach, and throwing up over the side of the gangplank up to the ferry]
Jade: Perhaps the cabin might not be such a good idea after all. Maybe I should send Tear or Natalia to help you out?
Guy: [manages a glare this time]
Guy: When we get back to Baticul, I will never have to see you again.
Jade: I wouldn't be so sure about that...
Guy: What do you mean by that?
Jade: Nothing at all, merely a comment that you can't predict the future.
Guy: [sourly] Isn't that what the Score is for?
Jade: Ah, but that is quite vague at times, and I am no Scorer, and neither are you unless there is another secret you are keeping? Anyway, I should make sure Anise is staying out of trouble. Do try to not fall off the side. [walks off]
Guy: [stares at Jade as he walks off] What did he mean by 'another secret'?
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