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Who: Yuri Lowell, Rita Mordio
Where: A boat, somewhere
When: After the CFY group sneaks aboard a ship
Warnings: ...N/A? :D;

Waiting; weighting on the soul )
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Who: Colette Brunel, Anise Tatlin
Where: Daath
When: Pregame, before Anise and Ion sneak out with Jade
Warnings: IDK my bffs superklutz and moneygrubber?

This is where we are )
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[[Who: ]] Anise and Luke
[[Where:]] Aboard the Ferry to Baticul
[[When:]] After Choral Castle, before return to Baticul
[[Warnings:]] None at the moment.

A million questions maybe? Curious little girl )
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Who: Jade, Guy, Luke
Where: Boarding the ferry
When: on the way back to Baticul
Warnings: Guy gets seasick when hung over.

insert witty cut text here )
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Who: Guy and Jade
Where: Astor's mansion
When: The morning after Drinking Buddies
Warnings: Jade never tells the whole truth.

Dodging the truth as always )
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Who: Atwight, Judas
Where: An inn they stopped at in Daath Bay.
When: Night, after their arrival in Daath, after dropping off Rutee and any other stragglers.
Warnings: Dear Judas is MASKLESS. Atwight already saw him without it on, anyway.

The answers aren't so clear... )
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Who: Philia Felice, Colette Brunel, Anise Tatlin, Meredy Gardios
Where: Daath Library
When: Sometime before the game starts. For the lulz.
Warnings: I might fail at playing a girl in this scenario...

I-N-G )
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Who: Chester, Arche
Where: Grand Chokmah
When: After Chester and Arche leave Reid, who is searching for Keele.
Warnings: You may need ear plugs.

Kimi dake wo... )
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Who: Luke and Mieu
When: On the road to Kaitzur
Where: See above
Warnings: Nope

Fluffy Beds! )
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Who: Raine Sage, Judith Sykes
Where: On board a boat.
When: After Raine, Genis, and Judith leave Keterburg, before they dock where ever they're headed.
Warnings: Puke.

Denwa denwa darling~ )
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Who: Ion and Balir
When: A bit of time after the Darn those Fonons scene
Where: On the way back to the Tartarus
Warnings: None

Getting answers from Balir is like getting water out of a rock )
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Who: Guy and Chester
When: Right after the "Darn Those Fonons" log
Where: The same place that one was
Warnings: None

whoops, watch out for the vomit )

[ooc- if anyone else involved in that scene wants to do a skit with Guy, just catch me on AIM, I think you all know it]
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Who: Chester, Arche
Where: Somewhere out on the fields.
When: Right after the scene in Engeve.
Warnings: None.

You Jerk. )


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