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Who: Luke fon Fabre, Natalia L.K. Lanvaldear, Jade Curtiss, Guy Cecil, Anise Tatlin, Ion, Tear Grants, Van Grants
Where: Baticul
When: Tra la la~
Warnings: This was a rush job. Let's just get this over with so we can move on. Any comments, questions, concerns, criticisms, direct them to the OoC community.

ありがとう、愛してたよ・・・ )
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Who: Luke fon Fabre, Van Grants, with some eavesdropping/voyeurism from Natalia.
Where: Baticul, the Kimlasca-Lanvaldear Castle on a balcony.
When: After the audience with the king, before Luke formally accepts the position of ambassador of peace.
Warnings: I'd say something about Master Badtouch, but I think those jokes are getting old. Also, this may get confusing since this combines the ferry scene and the dungeon scene (both game events) with the balcony scene (anime event). If any confusion is had and clarification needed, feel free to IM me, e-mail me, or post a message over at [livejournal.com profile] abyssianooc. If anything in here contradicts the upcoming event log, lemme know and we can edit/retcon it.

... and one day they'll walk all over you. )
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Who: Van and Meredy
Where: Oracle HQ
When: ND 2010
Warnings: Meredy is a cute loli, Van is a pedo, need we say more? Though Van does seem to prefer little boys over little girls...

They do say that curiosity killed the cat, thankfully Meredy isn't a cat. )
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Who: Van and Legretta
Where: Yulia City
When: ND 2012...ish
Warnings: Behind Van's presence? None.

...'cause we all falter. )
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Who: Guy and Van
Where: Outside the Kaitzur Inn
When: The night after the party arrives.
Warning: None.

...nothing ever settles the score. )
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Who: Balir and Van
Where: Katizur Port
When: After Choral Castle, once Van's spoken with Raven.
Warnings: None.

...words convulsing in full circles. )
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Who: Tear and Van
Where: Choral Castle
When: After they're separated from the main party.
Warnings: Besides the general 'it has Van' warning, none.

...you're afraid of what you'll find. )
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Who: Asch and Van
Where: Kaitzur
When: About the same time as the Tartarus scene
Warnings: Asch is an insufferable brat?

But the Shadow of Uther remains, there is no way the king can break his oath )
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Who: Raven Ecks, Van Grants
Where: Kaitzur Port
When: ND 2018, shortly before Van goes to Choral Castle.
Warnings: Possible Vesperia spoilers. Beyond that, none.

...prepare these wings for flight. )
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Who: Van and Luke
Where: Fabre manor
When: Pre-game, about 4-5 years.
Warnings: ...It's Van alone with Luke. That is your warning.

If I can get in your head? )
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Who: Van and Sync
Where: Daath Cathedral
When: About two years pre-game
Warnings: Erm. None so far beyond Van being Van.

...is another man's tool. )
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Who: Van, Guy, Natalia
Where: Fabre manor
When: Immediately after Tear and Luke disappear from the manor (back-scene)
Warnings: Just mention of what Luke really is, and stuff from later on between Guy and Van.

'Dude, where's my replica?' )

[ooc- the end of this is a break in the action, which will be picked back up either over IM or here with Natalia finding Guy while he's getting ready to leave]


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