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Who: Raven Ecks, Casey Canaria.
Where: Keterburg.
When: ND 1999.
Author(s): [livejournal.com profile] atelierjoh
Warnings: Raven's true identity.

天空のカナリア )
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Who: Raven Ecks, Estellise Sidos Heurassein, Yuri Lowell, Rita Mordio, Genis Sage, Repede.
Where: Some random island between Chesedonia and Grand Chokmah.
When: After the open log in Chesedonia, where Estelle dcrags Raven to help discarded stowaways.
Warnings: Nada.

하루에도 몇 번씩 널 보며 웃어 난 )
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Who: Chester Barklight, Arche Klein, Philia Felice, Colette Brunel, Fon Master Ion, Arietta the Wild, Kyle Dunamis, Natalia Luzu Kimlasca-Lanvaldear, Raven Ecks, Estellise Sidos Heurassein, and I think that's everyone? Anyone else in the area is free to tag in. /fails forever.
Where: Chesedonia
When: After the mega-exciting adventures in Daath, several of our pubescent heroes find themselves in Chesedonia! Where the sands are hot, and the interactions are even hotter!
Warnings: I AM SO SORRY FOR BEING SO SLOW IN GETTING THIS UP. Anywhere, here's how this works; instead of everyone just tracking the post and make a new comment thread altogether, everyone posts their own "thread" and you guys can respond to each other. TIME AND PLACE DOES NOT MATTER. Time skips are allowed. Both third person and first person formats are allowed (though both follow the activity requirement merits). Threadjacking encouraged. We'll see how this goes, and later on I'll try to get one up for Sheridan and also... some island where Raven and Estelle can meet up with the CFY group. Any questions, concerns, comments, and cock-punches may be directed to me by posting on [livejournal.com profile] abyssianooc.
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Who: Arche Klein, ANYONE IN DAATH WHO WANTS TO BUMP INTO HER. :] That's right, folks. This is an open log.
Where: Daath.
When: A few days after she wakes up.
Warnings: Arche wants out of bed, damn it. She's feeling better (physically, anyway), and ready to walk around a bit.

what's mine is your to leave or take, what's mine is yours to make your own ... )
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|Who:| Legretta the Quick and God Generals.
|Where:| Daath Cathedral, Oracle Knights Headquarters
|When:| During Ion and Natalia's confinement?
|Warnings:| N/A will put if something comes up yes?

Here they gather )
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Who: Raven and Rhea Scarlet (Arche Klein)
Where: Daath
When: Around the same time Natalia and Ion are getting rescued.
Warnings: Raven's alone with a piece of fresh young virgin meat.

The rain falls on my windows and the coldness runs through my soul; and the rain falls, oh the rain falls, I don't want to be alone... )
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Who: Raven, Arche Klein Rhea Scarlet
Where: Theor Forest, on the edge of Mushroom Road.
When: Backdated toooo ... a little after the Raven/Estelle/ArcheRhea log. At night. Around a campfire.
Warnings: Arche does it better! Raven's gon' show he means srs bznus, yo.

I wish I had a witty song lyric to put in this space, really. )
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Who: Raven, Arietta
Where: Daath
When: After the Brown Moses hits the fan in Akzeriuth.
Warnings: Raven's true identity.

心が彷徨う誰もいない部屋ひとり乾いてゆく )
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Who: Raven, Estelle, Rhea Scarlet (Arche)
Where: Between Theor Forest and St. Binah
When: After Arche leaves Grand Chokmah and Raven and Estelle leave St. Binah.
Warnings: None.

Near, far, where ever you are... )
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Who: Raven Ecks, Estellise Sidos Heurassein
Where: St. Binah
When: After Choral Castle
Warnings: Raven and Estelle are alone together.

... I'd put down lyrics here, but I don't have the romaji lyrics. )
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Who: Raven Ecks, Atwight Oltorain
Where: Keterburg
When: ND 1999
Warnings: Spoilers for Raven's true identity.

Ima sugu hoshii... )
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Who: Raven, Atwight, Casey (NPC)
Where: Sheridan
When: Late ND 1998.
Warnings: Spoilers for Raven's true identity. Also, a lot of drama, simply because I watch Japanese soap operas. Also, Danalia, feel free to NPC Casey as well once she makes her entrance.

Two times is chance. The third time is fate. )
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Who: Dhaos, Raven Ecks
Where: Choral Castle, in the basement
When: After Phillia and the others leave.
Warnings: Really bad puns due to anachronism and Raven's outfit

So would this be the infamous Dist the Reaper? )
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Who: Raven Ecks, Van Grants
Where: Kaitzur Port
When: ND 2018, shortly before Van goes to Choral Castle.
Warnings: Possible Vesperia spoilers. Beyond that, none.

...prepare these wings for flight. )
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Who: Raven Ecks, Atwight Oltorain
Where: Daath
When: ND 1998, specifically a month after this
Warnings: Atwight's turn to have a dream sequence about her past with Raven, so spoilers to Raven's identity. Again, not entirely important to the plot, but done more for the fun of it.

And I can't shake the thought of you )
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Who: Philia Felice, Zelos Wilder, Estelle Heurassein, Raven Ecks
Where: Choral Castle
When: This is after the events at Choral Castle (such as Luke's fonslots being opened to Asch). Rem Decan 32, Efreet Day, ND 2018
Warnings: None.

I was sulking for a while, when you walked into my life; Monday morning was first I heard you speak to me... )
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Who: Raven Ecks, Atwight Oltorain
Where: Grand Chokmah
When: ND 1998
Warnings: Raven dreams about hsi past. Therefore, there are spoilers about his true identity. Not super important to the entirety of the overall plot, but done to flesh out his backstory with Atwight.

I will be the light when you're in the dark~ )
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Who: Estellise, Raven, and Leon/Judas
Where: Belkend; The Dungeons of the Heurassein Manor
When: At about the same time as the Engeve scenes.
Warnings: None. :)

In the end, only kindness matters. )


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