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Who: Balir Gardios, Lloyd Irving
Where: Just outside Akzeriuth
When: after Choral Castle, before Deo Pass
Warnings: Cranky God-Generals are not a good thing at all

Just what he needed, more delays )
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Who: Balir
Where: Between Kaitzur and Akzeriuth, closer to Akzeriuth than Kaitzur
When: After the scene with Guy and before Deo Pass obviously
Warnings: Balir loves to complain about idiocy in general.

Also, this is an actual existing in character journal, though it would be difficult to get a hold of. It is in the sketchbook Balir was using to draw diagrams of the Tartarus and the passage ring and those are really the only records that fully contain his research and thoughts. This actual entry would have rough sketches of parts of the Tartarus in it.

A God-General has to keep his sanity somehow )
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Who: Balir and Guy (with a short appearance from Mary who is NPCed by Dessa)
Where: The Gardios manor on Hod
When: Early ND2000
Warnings: chibi!Guy is cute

There are things that a child just cannot understand )
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Who: Balir Gardios, Guy Cecil
Where: Kaitzur Naval Port
When: After the scene with Balir and Van
Warnings: This definitely isn't a happy family

So close, yet so far away... )
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Who: Balir and Van
Where: Katizur Port
When: After Choral Castle, once Van's spoken with Raven.
Warnings: None.

...words convulsing in full circles. )
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Who: Asch, Balir, Meredy
Where: Balir's office in Oracle HQ
When: late 2017, after Asch turned 17
Warnings: Meredy has an interesting taste in men.

Wow, Balir can actually be plesant, so can Asch )
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Who: Ion and Balir
When: A bit of time after the Darn those Fonons scene
Where: On the way back to the Tartarus
Warnings: None

Getting answers from Balir is like getting water out of a rock )
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Who: Luke fon Fabre, Tear Grants (NPC), Jade Curtiss, Mieu, Ion, Anise Tatlin, Chester Barklight, Arche Klein, Natalia L.K. Lanvaldear, Guy Cecil, Arietta the Wild, Legretta the Quick, Balir Gardios, and I think that's everybody.
Where: Aboard the Tartarus.
When: Right after a bunch of scenes. Everyone should know when this scene occurs.
Warnings: I've already posted things concerning the posting in [livejournal.com profile] abyssianooc; basically, leave at least two days (every other day) for your posting, to give others a chance to check the log and respond. If people get skipped, that's fine as long as there aren't forty posts between their new post and their last post (unless their character just doesn't have anything to do). Since this is an important log, track it. LJ is wonderful for that feature. We'll see if this particular method works.

Edit: Also, don't feel bad if you lag behind a little bit; back-tagging is implemented, so that allows a certain degree of freedom.

Know that I'll be all right, as long as you are by my side; it's all I had... )
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Who: Anise, Ion, Balir, Arche, Chester, Natalia, Guy
Where: Not far from Shurrey Hill; unnamed location (?)
When: Rem Decan 28, Gnome Day, ND 2018
Warnings: None, unless you didn't know Ion is wimpy. :'D

And down he goes! )
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Who: Anise, Ion, Balir
Where: Shurrey Hill
When: After Jade, Luke and Tear are captured and Ion joins Balir and Anise
Warnings: Balir is crazy and gets distracted by Dawn Age fon machines easily? Nah, really no warnings.

Passage rings are pretty! )
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Who: Anise, Balir, some random Oracle Knights
Where: Outside the Tartarus and then later to Shurrey Hill
When: During the Tartarus attack, after Anise falls out the window
Warnings: None really

Little girls are heavier than they look when they fall on top of you )


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