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Who: Hilda Rhambling and Arche Klein
Where: Outside of Chesedonia.
When: Shortly after Chester and Arche's argument.
Author(s): [livejournal.com profile] atelierjoh and [livejournal.com profile] tacos_of_doom
Warnings: Abuse of Artes! D<

Chesedonia wasn't that far away. She did intend on going back when she'd cooled off a bit, but considering how much desert there was, she didn't see herself cooling off anytime soon. Literally OR Figuratively. Her feet stomped in the sand. She was too angry even to use her broom, not that it'd help much ... Chester was infuriating enough normally, but with the way he had been acting recently? No. No, she couldn't accept that one.

As heated as Arche was at the moment, an icy cool demeanor was also making its way from the Triet Ruins toward Chesedonia. Hair as dark and shimmering as the night sky was easily manipulated by a hot desert breeze as Hilda made her way fairly easily among the sandy dunes. Making sure her hat wouldn't be blown away, she noticed another person not too far from her. It seemed unlikely to be a bandit; even if it were, Hilda's fonic artes would have been far more than enough to deal with them.

She wasn't all that concerned with protecting herself either. She had more confidence in her abilities than she needed at times. And she was angry enough that if she came across anyone out here, she'd blast them. Soooo, of course, when she saw the figure in the short distance away from her, her immediate response? "Fireball!"

"Slumber in this horrid sepulcher of merciful ice. Frigid Coffin." Out of the sand surrounding Hilda jutted out icy pillars as she practically whispered her incantation. However, as high-end and devastating her arte was, Hilda made no move to attack. "Throwing down gloves to a stranger? How childlike." Hilda continued to make her way toward Arche, though at an angle; it was clear that Arche wasn't her target, it was Chesedonia. Hilda hoped that her hot-headed opponent would take the hint and leave her alone.

Arche huffed, watching for a few moments as the lady walked closer. "I was expecting a challenge, but another fonist? That's unexpect ... ed ..." As she got a better look at the woman, he eyes widened. The woman was familiar ... she couldn't quite place it yet, but she was familiar.

"Hey, um. Have we met before?" She asked. How she expected the lady to be civil toward her when she just attacked her was beyond Arche at the moment. She hopped on her broom, floating next to the woman as she walked.

That bright pink hair... Hilda used to have that shade of hair, long ago. She dyed it in order to purge herself. It wasn't that pink hair was an entirely uncommon hair phenotype in Auldrant, but Hilda had an inkling of an idea of what was going on through the young woman's mind. She was just like her father, after all. "Would it make you feel better for attacking me out of the blue if I said we did?" Hilda curtly responded. The way Arche rode the broom... Hilda could tell that Arche was no stranger to the fonic artes, her childish outburst earlier aside. "You're not the only person who can manipulate fonons, child; waving about tossing balls of fire left and right doesn't make you an accomplished fonist. Consider your good fortune today that you picked somebody who wouldn't retaliate at your first barking fit; I won't guarantee your safety should you continue, however."

Without even making eye contact, the woman continued her pace.

Arche pouted, her eyes setting in a slight glare at this lady. She decided that, despite the familiarity, she didn't like her much. Though it was all but confirmed now that they'd met before, though, she couldn't remember exactly how they knew each other ... and for some reason, this nagged her a lot more than it should have. She'd have to keep thinking of where she was so familiar.

... but of course, she was also still pouting.

"Look, Lady. I didn't ask for a lecture, I just wanted to know if you recognized me, because you're pretty familiar to me and I can't quite place why." Something in the back of her mind told her that this woman was important. But how? Arche couldn't remember quite yet, but she kept thinking about it.

Halting, Hilda extended the back of her hand in front of Arche's face; in a split second, several cards appeared in the palm of her hand as she turned it around. "The first card shows you how you came to be here." On the card was a picture of two lovers. "Given it's inverted state, I'd say you just came from a fight, which explains your nasty temperament at this point in time. The second card shows that you've taken a certain role in your life, as you saw a void and filled it with your own designs." On the second card was a design similar to an empress. "This third card... well. It'll be what happens to you should you continue to bother me."

The third card was a picture of a skull.

The cards dissolved and faded into the sand, and Hilda continued her walk. "The ties between you and me are nonexistent. Please kindly leave me alone. Consider your Score reading to be complimentary."

This didn't seem to faze Arche too terribly much. Her father had been the devout score follower. Her? Not so much. She wasn't exactly happy with the score, considering what had happened to her mother ...

... and it was then, as Arche was about to open her mouth to say something in retort to the woman, that the familiar feeling she had all made sense to her. This woman. She .. didn't match the description exactly. She had seen pictures; her father had kept several pictures. There were obvious differences. This woman's hair was black. But the face. It was the face that was the same, it was that face that had stuck out as being so familiar to her.

Arche's eyes widened again, and she found herself stopping on her broom, staring for several moments ... and only one word managed to find it's way to the forefront of her mind, though once actually said, it had been whispered.

"Mama ..."

But that couldn't have been possible ... right?

Halting for a brief moment, Hilda didn't turn her head. However, she bit her lower lip for a split second before continuing on. She muttered under her breath, "A child with parent issues; if my Score had read that I'd cross paths with someone so troublesome on my way to Chesedonia, I would have stayed at the oasis." Something about Arche had bothered her as well during this encounter, and that word sealed it; what Hilda had never expected, came true. Even her fortune couldn't have warned her of this.

Arche was quiet again, but she grit her teeth, shaking her head after a while.

"I've seen pictures! You have the same face! Unless Mama has some weird twin thing going on that Daddy and I didn't know about, then--!!"

She bit her lip to quiet herself. No. No, this .. this couldn't be her. Her mother died, long ago. She trembled, though, at the sight of this woman ... the resemblance was unmistakable.

With a brief murmur of "Sorry," Arche sped off toward Chesedonia.


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