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Who: Chester Barklight, Arche Klein
Where: Chesedonia
When: When they get to Chesedonia.
Warnings: Nada.

"You. Me. Shop. Now."

That's how it all started this day.

Things have definitely been awkward; after all, coming to Chesedonia was more or less a last minute decision, and Chester wasn't able to fully give his undivided attention to Arche ever since she woke up. Not to mention that the image of Rhea's spirit leaving Arche's body still more or less haunted his immediate memory.

But she was only acting like her chipper self. Which most definitely meant that she was still confused. Seriously, how was it supposed to go? By the way, our friend, Rhea? Yeah, she's dead and used your body for a while. That's why you lost like more than a week of your memory. Chester was fairly certain that wouldn't go too well. For one, Arche liked her body (not that there was much to like about it), and two, Rhea was one of Arche's best friends.

Picking up an apple, he noticed the stamp on it meant it was from Engeve. How was it over there? Not that he or Arche were welcome there as of that moment.

It seemed like everything served as a reminder that there wasn't a place for Arche... or him. And that frustrated him, especially since it was marginally his fault. If only she didn't set the damn forest on fire... "You want an apple?"
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