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who: Emil Castagnier and Marta Lualdi.
where: Meggiora Highlands; outside of Sheridan.
when: a few nights after the Raine/Marta/Some dogs group arrives in Sheridan.
warnings: Emil's bringin' sexy back. ;D

It was now that she put her plan into motion.

Marta had successfully snuck out of the sleeping quarters of the inn, her bag on her back, her dual spinners by her sides, and her feet moving toward the exit of the city. She was out relatively easily. She walked a little ways into the meggiora highlands, feeling the night breeze on her skin as she looked ahead of her.

... It was unsafe to travel at night. But she was doing it anyway. It was the only time she could get away without Tenebrae following her.

So, careful to make sure of her surroundings, Marta led herself into the highlands that night, walking to find herself some way out.

Which, admittedly, wasn't easy. This place was either surrounded by water or desert. She sighed. Okay. Well. The hard part was done. She could figure out what to do from here now.

... if she didn't get attacked by monsters first. Which was likely to happen, if the sudden predetorial screech from a bird monster nearby was any indication. Marta gasped, whirling around and pulling out her dual spinners.

This wasn't good.
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