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Who: Senel Coolidge & Phillia Felice
Where: Somewhere in Daath Cathedral, where ever the books hang out.
When: Backlogged: some time ago. Ho-noe.
Warnings: Big words. Maybe.

After asking a few people, Senel was able to find where the majority of reading material in the cathedral was found--and the sheer number was a little staggering at first. 'Green hair and big round glasses' was the description that he'd been given of who to look for. He was also given the brief indication that she would probably be somewhere amidst books and half obscured by then, so there could be a possibility that she was difficult to find. However, if this girl was as knowledgeable about things as other people claimed then it would be a worthwhile search.

The guardian had never actually been in that part of the cathedral before. He didn't really find much time for casual reading and never found a reason to come otherwise. With a place like this he doubted that coming down here would be a good idea anyway; all the books everywhere gave it a really oppressive feeling.

It only took a few minutes of looking through the isles of text and asking some of the stander-bys to find someone who looked like the description he was given. Senel strode up to the girl and asked outright, "I'm looking for someone named Philia Felice. Are you her?"

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