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Who: Senel Coolidge & Marta Lualdi & Marta's daddums.
Where: Daath, a residential building, I gather?
When: Backlogged: two years ago.
Warnings: Ummm nothing? I dunno.

He approached the front of the large building with the letter in hand, making sure to show it to the guards outside. "Here." After he handed the paper over and was given a quick nod of approval, Senel made his way into the wide open hallway area and to the meeting room his presence was requested at.

The whole thing was a little disconcerting. He'd just finished with the training to be a guardian a few months earlier and since then there was nothing of particular importance that Senel was assigned to do. Well..he was given quite a few "important" letters that had to be delivered from one place to another and some of the basic guard duties, if one could really consider those important. Then all of a sudden he was given an urgent notice that he was needed right away for an important job. According the the vague message he'd received it was something to do with guarding an important person, perhaps it was the fon master? Someone else in the order that he had to accompany? Couldn't imagine anyone in the military needing a guard, though...

Inside the room was occupied by few--just himself, a table, the man that had called him there, as well as one other person. As was indicative of a soldier mentality, Senel didn't waste any time in getting to the heart of the matter of him being there. He took out the same piece of paper that he'd shown to the guards at the front entrance and held it up, "I was told in this message that there was an important job for me, and that I had to come right away." Senel started right off, hoping to clear up some of the vagueness of the letter. He didn't seem to realize ho crass he was being in the presence of someone so important.

The other man in the room, an importantly dressed man at that, motioned for the soldier to take a seat at the lone table. "Yes. It's about the matter of becoming a guardian."

"A guardian for who, exactly?" Senel slid into one of the seats.

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