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Who: Arche Klein, ANYONE IN DAATH WHO WANTS TO BUMP INTO HER. :] That's right, folks. This is an open log.
Where: Daath.
When: A few days after she wakes up.
Warnings: Arche wants out of bed, damn it. She's feeling better (physically, anyway), and ready to walk around a bit.

Her broom in one hand, Arche made her way through the streets of Daath, her eyes fixated to the ground, more than the area around her. While she was mildly interested in seeing the city, she just ... wasn't feeling it.

Actually, she wasn't sure what she was feeling.

Ever since waking up and feeling as if she'd been run over by something giant, she'd been told she was sick. And she believed it. It was a logical explanation, after all, and she'd certainly felt sick. But something seemed ... off. Chester, especially, and she wasn't sure how to describe it. He said he wanted her to come along, but ... part of Arche believed that he may have still been taking their argument from before a little hard.

And if that were the case, Arche wasn't sure how to fix it. Nor was she sure if she could stand traveling with him for long. There was a difference between the usual irritation and what she was feeling now, and ... that was a pretty huge difference, to her.

That was part of what this outing into the city was for her. She wanted to clear her head; but also, she hadn't been outside in ... how long had it been? Arche wasn't sure.

She finally looked ahead of her.

Clear her head.

She needed to do that. But the fresh air didn't seem to be clearing anything out for her; in fact, it only seemed that the more she thought about things, the more jumbled they were, and the more confused she got.
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