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Who: Rita Mordio, Genis Sage
Where: Grand Chokmah
When: Minutes after the Chokmah Fried Yuri log
Warnings: Two genius fonists who don't get along. At all.

The sea-faring vessel lying little more than ten paces in front of her was her decision. Rita had passed by all of the other merchant ships and decided that this one was the least guarded and had what seemed to be the most hiding spots. Really, she didn't care if the kid liked her choice or not. What would he know? He was...just a kid! She preferred, however, to not think of her traveling companions. The brat, a mutt, and...well, she supposed Yuri was okay, but he didn't seem as serious as he should be. None of this was a joke! Rita had to find Estellise before she did something stupid and screwed herself up...

No, it wasn't that she cared. She just... Estellise was too naive for the world is all. She shouldn't have to handle it like that... Being cooped up in her mansion did not help either, though, the brunette had to admit...

The researcher sighed. All there was to do was sit here and wait for Yuri and his mutt to meet them here at the harbor. Rita sometimes hated waiting...

And waiting...

And waiting...
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